Who are we?

It was in 1903 that Hendrik Slabbinck began a specialised embroidery workshop in Bruges, the Art Studio Slabbinck. The workshop quickly grew into a company with a worldwide reputation for manufacturing liturgical garments, altar linen and pennants. To get through the difficult period during WWII and to ensure the staff were not transported to labour camps, Hendrik Slabbinck and his son Maurice set their employees to making embroidery copies of works by the Flemish Primitive artists Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling. These copies are kept today in the family archive.


The third generation of the family joined the company in the nineteen sixties : Dirk and Marc Slabbinck. As the artistic manager, Dirk designed the typical Slabbinck style that is now known all over the world, while Marc laid the foundations for a basic international sales network. Marc also founded INSIGNIA over thirty years ago. He wanted to share our experience with embroidery and precious metalwork with the non-religious work.


Today the fourth generation is at the helm of the Slabbinck group. Mathias, Mirabel and Viktor are ready to create a new chapter to the wonderful story of this family business.